Monday, April 25, 2011

Topic: The Animal Elder

FIgured we could do some exercises since we are 3 strong now. I am not sure when these should be "due" but they shouldnt take too long. I imagine we could use these as opportunities to get better, which i suppose is always the idea.
I figured, try to have a sketch/drawing posted within two days of a topic. Let me know if that is too short or unrealistic.
also, we should take turns picking the topic.

on to the topic:
The character is the Animal Elder. He is the oldest and wisest of the animal tribe. what kind of animal? who knows! He is the animal that all other animals come to for his sage advice. he has been around longer than anyone can remember. the animal elder needs to have his "seeing into the future" device. again, what this device looks like is up to you but he must have it.
anyway, that is all. have fun.

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